Friday, January 23, 2009

Of Warmth and, Well, Not Much Sunshine the Last Few Days

Well, here we are in warm Arizona! Hurray! It has rained the last several days and been a little chillier then I think people here are used to. (65-ish?) Char and I went shopping yesterday and it was so funny to see everyone dressed up in heavy sweatshirts and jackets, while there I was in my short sleeves, reveling in the warmth!
Long live Arizona!

I have to say, I am so impressed with how friendly people are here. What is wrong with Rexburg? It seems like unless you have lived there for 50 years, you are considered an outsider. Here, people all up and down the street seem to be really good friends, even in this newer development. Curtis' theory is that people in Rexburg get used to hibernating indoors for half the year, so they are not in the habit of neighborly visiting out on the street and such.

Speaking of Curtis, happy day! He told me yesterday that he was able to get plane tickets to come out here for a few days in February. What an awesome birthday present. I miss him so much I going to be able to stay here an entire six weeks? (I do love you too, Char and Dave, really I do!)

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