Friday, March 13, 2009

Of Who Wears the Pants

Grrrrr...I am so un-techy. This is embarrassing to me to admit, but I spent an hour yesterday trying to remember how Curtis showed me to get pictures from our Picasa account to my blog...couldn't remember...sigh...I guess I'll wait for Curtis to get back from California! Or call Charity. She has enough techi-ness for the both of us and had her new blog spiffed out in no time!

Anyway, enough of that. I've been thinking recently about a question Dave asked me when I was down in Arizona. He asked which one of us wears the pants in our family--Curtis or myself. After thinking about it briefly, I concluded that neither of us do--we are both fairly equally yoked, as I see it. When I asked Curtis the same question on the phone later that night, he agreed with me. However, when I told my conclusion to Dave, I could tell he didn't believe me. I think most people who think they know us pretty well assume that I am the more domineering of the two of us. I was trying to figure out why people would get that assumption. I am not entirely sure, but here are my thoughts. First of all, Curtis is very non-judgemental. He always gives people the benefit of the doubt. He doesn't like to argue or debate, and back in our early relationship when I would try to debate issues with him, he would basically respond with; "That's nice" or "You're probably right" and change the subject. I, on the other hand, am usually up for a good debate just for the fun of it. Additionally, I do tend to jump to conclusions more quickly then Curtis (although I have been getting better!). I think because I am more vocal in my opinions then Curtis, people think I am "the boss" in our relationship, but I don't think that is a correct assumption. We both have a very deep respect for each other, and I think we do a really good job at gauging whether something is important to the other guy, and responding accordingly. Basically, if something matters more to one of us then the other, the person it matters to tends to get their way. Both of us are pretty easy going though, so it works out well. The one exception to all this is home projects and budgeting, and it makes me laugh! Curtis and I get so frustrated with each other because we both have very differing opinions on how projects and budgets should be done, and we're terrible at communicating our thoughts to each other in a way the other guy can understand. We've figured out the best way solution though, is to each be in charge of a certain aspect. That seems to work out pretty well.


Charity said...

I'm pretty sure that when "you" sold "Curtis's" Wii that Dave cemented in his mind that you are the boss. He just can't comprehend that Curtis just might not care that much or that it might have even been his idea ;)

Anna Marie said...

Yeah, it was a mutual decision. We bought it in the first place at Aaron's strong encouragement--not because we wanted it, and it ended up not serving its purpose, so we decided to sell it. We wanted the cash more then we wanted the Wii!

Cathy Marlor said...

Hi Anna, those were some well written sentiments. I believe you. I would say that Dustin and I are very similar so I can relate. It was great to see you guys last weekend! Have you had any luck getting a hold of Karene? I called her but haven't heard back so let me know if you have any luck.