Monday, July 4, 2011

Look out, the Slug Monster Approaches!

Aaarrggghh! Here comes a seaweed slugmonster! Look out! She is coming to get you!

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We actually learned a cool fact about seaweed. You can use it to predict the weather. Apparently, when rain is looming on the horizon, the seaweed gets fatter, I assume because it absorbs moisture from the air. Conversely, when the weather is supposed to be nice, the seaweed gets thinner. Interesting, huh?! We should keep a swatch of seaweed on our back porch so we can predict what the weather will be like. Oh wait, it is always sunny and beautiful here, about 75 degrees.

Just kidding. We do get some rain here on occasion, thank goodness. As an aside, it is highly amusing to me to hear the locals apologizing for the weather to out-of-town guests when it rains!

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