Monday, July 4, 2011

Of Rules for High Class Entertainment

We have this darling little neighbor girl, Ivana, who comes over to our house nearly every day. Her and the kids decided to put on a 4-D play for us last week. Myself and Ivana's Mom were the audience. We were asked to wear our "4-D" sunglasses, so we could experience the full intensity of the 4-D special effects of the play.

The kids apparently felt the need to put some rules in place for us Moms, lest we get too wildly out of control:

No screaming
No yelling
No interruptions
No fighting

...and my personal favorite,

No going "Boooo" at the end.

We will try to control ourselves.

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You'll note the price for admission. It has gone up significantly since I put on plays as a kid! The kids and Ivana are always trying to come up with ways to earn lots of money. They wanted to invite all the neighbors, especially the two little girls who live next door. I informed them that the girls' dad was in school, so they probably couldn't afford the high admission rates. Without any hesitation or consultation with each other, all three of the kids enthusiastically decided that they would donate all the proceeds of their play to this little family. Sweetest kids ever.

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