Monday, July 4, 2011

Of Random Photos

O.K., here are just a few random pictures I am throwing in.

Here are Maile and Ivana (upstairs neighbor) who have turned themselves into...mosaics. Very cute.


Here is a turtle Ivana and her family found meandering across a road near our house. They were kind enough to rescue it before it got squashed, and donated it to the local turtle association.


Here is just a picture of Maile I thought was cute.

You probably can't tell from this next photo, but this creation is a treasure map with all sorts of fun little details, including a volcano, palm trees, parrot, compass, and even a shovel. (We love FF magazine!)


The butterfly in the photo below is another Family Fun project we thought turned out great. They were oober simple to make, yet looked spectacular, especially when we had several of different colors on one plate.
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