Sunday, February 6, 2011

Of Red Lanterns and Red Crosses

Thursday was such a delightful day. Midway through the day, the kids and I decided to host a spur-of-the-moment Chinese New Year's party for a few neighbor kids and friends. Nothing too fancy, but we had a good time with it. I pulled out my bin of Japanese stuff for decor (Hey, Japan is close enough to China, right?!), and we made a grocery run for fortune cookies, chocolate to dip them in, stuff to make pot stickers, and stuff for a do-it-yourself sushi bar. YUM! We read books about the Chinese New Year and learned about some of their customs, and we made a couple of crafts, including Chinese lanterns, and some oregami. (Not entirely sure the oregami is Chinese--obviously we are not too authentic!) It was fun. Thank goodness sweet Kayla came over a bit early to help us pull things together!

Right after that, I zipped over to our Relief Society activity thinking to at least make an appearance. It was great. We had a little first aid review of what to do in various emergencies, then we assembled 72 hour kits. I actually have pretty comprehensive kits already (although I need to update them and swap out some of the food and diapers!), so I just visited and ate yummy food (Cooked from a sister's food storage!). I have to say, I love my Relief society homegirls! I love that not a meeting goes by (including our Sunday meetings!) where chocolate is not brought up. Usually there is some sort of chocolate involved! Definitely chicas after my own heart!

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