Sunday, February 6, 2011

You Read Too Much Interesting Things Without Me!

We have been reading this book about the Revolutionary War together. Maile had missed a few pages because of joyschool, and when she discovered that we had read a bit without her, she stomped off in a huff, saying angrily, "You guys read too many interesting things without me!"

I love it! So, homeschooling update for anyone who cares. I feel like I am finally starting to figure things out a little. I am realizing that I need to back off a little and not try to cram too much into one day. SO, what worked pretty well for us last week was a little math each day, a lot of daily reading, and one other subject per day. (ie; geography, science, art, history, etc.) We've still got bugs to iron out--it's definitely a work in progress, but we are improving! I hear from many people that the first year is the hardest.

So, school the last little bit:
Geography: Unit on Alaska, made an Alaskan flag with blue paper and glitter paint.
California unit: Rode the California Trolly (in the living room!). Made a California mission out of salt clay, went to Mormon battalion event in San Diego and participated in rag doll making, panning for gold, making bisquits on a stick, rope making, quilt square making, story telling about Indians native to CA, heard live bands, gunny sack races, tug-of-wars, and more. Very fun.

(Of course, all of this is accompanied by tons of subject related books! We love to read!)

History--kind of went along with California geography, but also have continued our study of the Revolutionary War era. I don't know how many times Arden has asked me if the "Patriots" were the good guys or the bad guys. I think he finally remembers it, though! Also read about Paul Revere, George Washington's Spy network, the Boston Tea Party, and much else, including a book on George Washington's teeth, or lack thereof! (Made us grateful for good dentists!)

English: Made a big wall mural and stuck pictures cut out from magazines under the headings of either adjective, verb, noun, or plural. Did a bunch of mad libs. The kids love those. Still trying to figure out how to incorporate spelling and handwriting practice. Will work on that. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Math: Introduction to fraction action, involving cinnamon toast cut in to different fractions, and discussed numerators and denominators. Pulled out the measuring cups and talked about fractions as it relates to cooking.
Also learned how to tell time on a non-electric clock.
Introduction to multiplication/math wars game with multiplication tables.
Worked a bit on map reading skills with a map of the botanical gardens which we went to with our dear friend Mandy, and her boys. AMAZING PLACE!

Art--lots of Valentines stuff/Chinese New Year stuff.

Science: Library story time with gal from the Fleet Science Center. Talked about different forces (gravity, drag, friction, etc.) and made our own rollercoasters (marble runs using styrofoam tubes cut into halves.).

Read "Why the Sea is Salty, made "spotting scopes" out of two liters, and visited the tide pools.

P.E. Tons of bike riding, park time, etc. A bit of night jogging by the beach on occasion.
Anyway, all is going well!

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Job and Rachael said...

That sounds like you are doing an amazing job homeschooling! :) I want to come do homeschool with you guys now! ;)
I remember we did a ton of reading for our homeschooling too. We loved it and for us it was one of the best ways to learn. And we all grew up to be *kind of* normal adults so something must have worked ;) Keep up the good work, I am so excited to hear more later about how it is going!