Monday, February 14, 2011

Time to Whip My Kids Into Shape!

The parenting breakthrough : a real-life plan to teach kids to work, save money, and be truly independent
Boyack, Merrilee Browne.

The above is the title of a book from the library that I have just begun reading. The author is a San Diego gal (also an LDS chick, it turns out!). The book appealed to me because the cover had a photo of a happy 10 year old swishing out a toilet with a bowl brush. I want my kids to be that happy toilet swishing kid, but we have a LOOOONNNG, and do I mean long way to go to reach that point!

So far I am loving the book. The author is so down to earth and humorous...and she lets her three year old kid make his own sandwich...on the kitchen floor...and she is O.K. with that!

I am so excited to see what her plan is to get kids to work, as that has been on my mind a lot lately. I've got great kids, but I am ready to be done with their ingratitude for all that we do for them--I think if they participate more with chores and learn to be more independent, they will appreciate things more. Maybe I'll just have Enoch crack the whip when he comes out here for a couple of months! Yeah, that's a good idea!

Progress report to follow!


Evaly said...

This is a great book! One of my favorites. She has an awesome marriage book too- "Strangling Your Husband is Not an Option" :) Just the title is awesome! We use a LOT of her ideas around here.

Amanda said...

We must be on the same wavelength or something, I swear. We have been incorporating more chores around the house for a while now. I know Mason is only 3 1/2, but he really loves helping and of course the praise that he gets from it. In fact, just yesterday he was looking at and learning about money and decided he wanted to save his money for a car ramp. Yep, all his own idea, 3 1/2. Crazy. He already has a car ramp though, silly boy. So, we told him he could start earning an allowance and either save his money, buy someone else a gift, turn it into a savings bond, give to charity, or buy something for himself, and that the choice will be his, since he earned it. However, the one thing I feel strongly about is that as an active member of our family that we ALL pitch in with chores and most of them, sadly, are pay-free. You just have to do them just because thats what families do. However, he can still do other chores for allowance, and maybe we can impliment a system that would allow normal chores to turn into an allowance, say, making a weeks worth of regular chores be worth something. Last night I made the boys a chore chart, but then deleted it by accident. Atleast Im getting started though...small things, helping bring in groceries, set the table, put laundry away, make beds, rake leaves, that sort of thing. Good luck Anna! I bet if you get a good reward system going they will love it!