Friday, November 2, 2012

A Nation of Hope, Pt. 2

...America's greatness has been tied to its citizens' hard work and industry, acceptance of personal responsibility, a sense of community, its free markets and the entrepreneurial spirit of its people, and its generosity to those in need both at home and abroad. ~from Seven Miracles that Saved America
Earlier in the evening, before I sat down to finish the book that I drew the above quote from, I thought I would get caught up a little with the news, especially considering there are some pretty significant weather challenges going on on the East Coast, not to mention the upcoming elections. I happened across a posting, I think from MSNBC (sorry, I would post it but I can't find it again!). It basically showed the President over on the East Coast, going around shaking the hands of Red Cross workers, and assuring the American people that FEMA and the Red Cross had everything under control, and all that was really needed was money and blood donations.

 Then the camera switched to the presidential contender, Mitt Romney. There he was in Ohio, where he was scheduled to do a debate or a rally or something, out in his shirt sleeves, working along with the community, and rallying the people for donations of supplies to truck into the areas in need on the East Coast. Building a sense of community...encouraging the generosity of the people, not relying on FEMA or government to do everything, but taking personal responsibility for doing what needs to be done. Because that is what we do as Americans.

 The contrast between the men was so great, I would have decided based on that clip alone, who I wanted to be the next president of the United States.  I almost choked when MSNBC suggested that Mitt Romney was was only doing this for publicity and "going directly against what the Red Cross had said." There's liberal media for you.  Trying to turn a good deed into a political maneuver.

  For one thing, I've read enough about Romney to know that that is just who he is. So many people have come out of the woodwork and shared stories of how he touched their lives in some way, but he is not one to flaunt his own goodness. For another thing, there are so many intangibles to pulling together as a community, and I think Romney understands that. We need to get back to the virtues and values that make us a nation that can be a beacon of hope, love, and peace to other nations around the world.  I have learned that it truly is in service to others that we come to love them.  We need that right now. The more we help, serve, and reach out to each other, the more we will love each other.

Rock on, Romney. You've got my vote.

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