Thursday, November 15, 2012

Diet of the Gods, Part 2

Several months ago, when I was still relatively new to this idea of a plant based diet, I posted an article I had come across from a guy who had decided to switch to this plant based way of eating.  More on that later.  In response, one of my sweet sisters-in-law (who also happens to be a nurse) suggested I watch a documentary entitled "Forks over Knives."  (Free on Amazon Instant Play as well as Netflix)  This documentary primarily featured the groundbreaking research of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a world renowned heart surgeon, and Dr. Colin Cambell, a Cornell University educated biochemist, who specializes in nutrition, and is co-author of The China Study, which is one of the most comprehensive studies in the world on nutrition and the effects of dietary protein. This documentary was a huge eye-opener for me, as it addressed the amazing medical benefits of this lifestyle, based on well researched studies and experiments. The documentary also followed several real-life people and their experiences with changing over to this way of eating, and the amazing transformation in their health.

Check out the trailer below, and then please, please, take the time to watch the movie.  It could literally change your life, as it has mine.  Also, if you, like myself, know of anyone who has/has had cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or other significant health challenges, please share these things you are learning!   They truly are incredible, as people all across the country are beginning to discover!      

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