Thursday, November 15, 2012

Diet of the Gods, Part 4

So what exactly is it about meat (and dairy) that is so bad for us?  I was always under the belief growing up that we had to eat a lot of protein to be healthy, and that is what the government taught.  Same with dairy--we need calcium!  Calcium comes from milk!  Drink lots of milk for strong bones!

Um, yeah.

So we do need protein, and we do need calcium, but wanna hear something cool that I have learned?  Plants have protein!  And calcium!  In fact, the perfect amount!  Dr. Furhman, in his book I am reading, states; Vegetables are very rich in protein and calcium.  Most vegetables have more protein per calorie than meat, and more calcium per calorie then milk."  When we eat a wide variety of plants--when we have a plant based diet, we get exactly the amount of protein (and type of protein) and calcium our bodies need, and they are more bioavailable, meaning, they are absorbed more readily.  Isn't that amazing?  Nuts, grains, seeds, veggies, fruits, and especially greens are fantastic for providing your body with just what it needs.  Plants (particularly if you are eating from your home garden, or organically) have the added benefit of not having some of the deadly problems that have caused so many health issues that plague America. (More on that in another post.)

For those concerned they are not getting enough protein in their diet, Rip Esselstyn, the son of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who used to be a professional athlete and is now a firefighter, did a little video where he went to people's houses and helped them clean up their eating.

He basically said that when you are breathing, you know you are getting enough oxygen.  Same with protein.  When you are eating (at least in America), you can be pretty darn sure you are getting enough protein.  That is not something we need to worry about! This way of eating is even suitable for professional athletes, because while they indeed have higher protein requirements, they will be consuming a much larger amount of calories from plants, and therefore more of the essential nutrients needed by their bodies.  

Now, I get that not everyone is as excited about this stuff as I am, but stick with me here.  This represents many, many hours of research I have personally done, which I will attempt to condense for your benefit.  Why?  Well, if 50% of Americans die from heart disease, and 35% die of cancers (most of which are preventable), chances are very high that some of you,  my loved ones and friends, will have some of these problems, and some already have.  If any of that suffering can be avoided, well, I want to do every bit I can by sharing these amazing things I am learning.

What Irritates Me--This knowledge has been around for decades!  Why is it not more well known?
Although the evidence linking diet to cancer is strong, for some reason the fundamental lessons learned over the last 40 years through scientific research have not filtered down to the public or created significant dietary modifications in our population.  Cancer incidence has changed little.  The economic power of big business to advertise, lobby government, and exert political clout, combined with social forces that favor the status quo, have blunted the message.  Food advertisements, food industry press releases, and the favored status that money buys in the media and government have worked.  Modern societies have headed down the path to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
~again, from Dr. Furhman, MD (although I have seen this same thing reflected in book after book I have read, documentary after documentary)

Do you feel violated?  You should!  Cursed money.  On to my next post...stay tuned for my beef about...beef: what everyone should know.

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Have you seen the documentary called Food, Inc.? Talk about money controlling our foods! Interesting! This is BreAnne btw.